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Lost in the girl

Lost in the girl is a song from Denmark artist Kwamie Liv (shout out to Trace TV and Google for the intel btw) So yea lost in a the girl, weird song and to be honest I can’t quite recall how it goes. I’ll have to google it later. So why am I writing about... read more

Practical makes Fashion

I’ve been on this quest to find my style since I moved to Lagos (that’s a lie, I’ve been on this quest since I can remember. I wonder if other people feel this way or are they just faking it?…but I digress). Anyhow trynna find my go to style in... read more

It don’t get no street(er) than Aape

When I first saw it on the streets (of unity ikeja) I thought it was a Bape knockoff. A genius knockoff at that. Well it so happens that the brand Aape is no knockoff after all (the ones sold on the streets of Lagos are clearly knockoffs of the original Aape... read more

Allen & Fifth is Pop Culture.
The t-shirt is her canvas.

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