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A seat at the table

Hey Residents! Bibi here. Amazing things happened this past week Solange prepared a feast! She laid a table, perfect with a menu serving Pride, black girl magic, consciousness, weariness, optimism, angst and healing, after that Solange allowed us a seat at the table.... read more

Lost in the girl

Lost in the girl is a song from Denmark artist Kwamie Liv (shout out to Trace TV and Google for the intel btw) So yea lost in a the girl, weird song and to be honest I can’t quite recall how it goes. I’ll have to google it later. So why am I writing about... read more

Practical makes Fashion

I’ve been on this quest to find my style since I moved to Lagos (that’s a lie, I’ve been on this quest since I can remember. I wonder if other people feel this way or are they just faking it?…but I digress). Anyhow trynna find my go to style in... read more

Allen & Fifth is Pop Culture.
The t-shirt is her canvas.