If you knew anyone that works at Allen & Fifth youíll know we love musicÖI mean absolutely looooove music. Donít get me wrong we probably donít know years and album drop details and all that acedemic stuff that some DJs and OAPs are all about. We are all about the vibe and the feeling that music gives and the cult-ure. Itís a gift in a sense you know? You listen to some songs and you are guaranteed to feel some typa way instantly. So on this blog weíll be talking err thing music and how it makes us feel, think and vibe, from rock to pop to rap to R&B and a dash of country.

Iíll kick off by talking about my absolute favorite band The Strokes (This is eS by the way). If you donít know the Strokes look them up. There were like the cool kid band at the turn of the millennium where they found success with their debut album ďIs this it?Ē. I think what made them really cool was that nonchalant attitude to everything even to the musicÖThe funny thing though is that despite how they fans saw them, these guys were dealing with their individual demons (drugs, alcohol, broken homes) and they actually did care about the music because it was infact theirs and the whole attitude was their delivery style. I got to watch them perform live for the first time at Governorís Ball in 2014 (after a decade hiatus or so) and that will remain one of my highlights of that year. I donít know how to explain it but their songs are LIFE and I donít mean ďoh that song gave me lifeeee!Ē; no, not that kind of life. Itís raw, real, emotional emmm what else? Pretty much whatever feelings you feel through the course of the day. Things you think but wouldnít say perhapsÖ

To be honest I canít listen to too much of The Strokes because I start to feel some type of way and itís just too much for me. Julian Casablancaís (lead singer) manly silky voice doesnít help matters either; as described in a GQ article I read once, Julian manages to make you feel, emotional, worn-out and sexy at the same time. But thatís music for you right? Thatís real music right there baby.

Iíll leave you with 5 of my favorite songs from The Strokes. Feel free to check them out online. By the way, The Strokes had a YOLO song way before Drake did, enjoy!†??

1. You Only Live Once
2. Razorblade
3. Under Control
4. Is this it?
5. Machu Picchu

Who am I kidding? Hereís 5 more

6. Barely Legal
7. Last nite
8. Reptilia
9. Gratisfication
10. 12:51