Lost in the girl is a song from Denmark artist Kwamie Liv (shout out to Trace TV and Google for the intel btw)
So yea lost in a the girl, weird song and to be honest I can’t quite recall how it goes. I’ll have to google it later.
So why am I writing about it? Because of the music video (duh). If I could describe the music video in one store (yes I meant to say store not word), it would be…wait for it…wait for it…American Apparel. I know I sound crazy but go watch it now and let me know if you agree. Girls in basic tees, basic racer back crops, basic spandex tights or different shape and sizes and quirks and color hair, dancing in and out rhythm, dazed. If American Apparel were a music video it would be this. I got to give it to the video director for making a memorable video for a not so memorable song…for now. Who knows maybe it’ll stick it has that retro/futuristic vibe to it. And that seems to be the jam these days. No?
Enjoy the video below