I’ve been on this quest to find my style since I moved to Lagos (that’s a lie, I’ve been on this quest since I can remember. I wonder if other people feel this way or are they just faking it?…but I digress). Anyhow trynna find my go to style in Lagos has been particularly challenging. Why? Simple, it’s the weather. This fucking weather (It’s hard to believe I missed this…what do they say about the grass not being greener?)
Personally it is a challenge to look fly in this harmattan/heat/rainy season nightmare/heaven. February and early March was so hot that it got me thinking about practical fashion. I know right? We hardly see those two words together. These days we’ve taken fashion to a level of impracticality. Well this heat has got me thinking about breathable fabric, light basic and dope. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to look like my clothes are a prison sentence. That said here is our Top 5 Tropics Appropriate Practical Fashion items:
1. Facecap/hat: whether snapbacks, baseball caps or bucket caps these are a must have in the tropics. Get that sun out ya face!
2. Sunglasses: Goes without saying. You don’t need to go fancy just get your uv protection. If you are like me and you squint alot then you should always have a pair. Throw some shade on ’em.
3. Handkerchief: Don’t you ever leave your house without one. Cool thing is you can legit accessorize with your hanky. Don’t worry we’ll show you how in our next post (or maybe the post after the next post…we got you though)
4. Classic White Cotton tee: Breathable, plain 100% cotton. The lighter the better. Feels like you have on a fluffy cloud.
5. Rubber soles: I mean c’mon! If there are any pair of shoes/sandals/flipflops that last in the tropics it HAS GOT to be made of rubber. Don’t even get me started on all the pleather, leather and suedes that have been ruined in Lagos just because of the heat. So YASSS rubber soles are an absolute necessity. You can even get fancy and get them jellies (never owned one btw)
There you have it folks. A5th’s top 5 essentials. If you think we missed anything let us know